How to get free groceries every month

Like me, you’ve probably read a few posts about saving money on groceries over your time, and a lot of them are super helpful. There are of course a variety of ways that a savvy shopper can save money on their groceries, but this post is all about how to get FREE groceries every month. When I say free, I mean you pay zippo, zilch, nothing. My favourite way to buy things!

1. SWAGBUCKS – Is the most successful way that our family uses to keep our monthly grocery bill down. Swagbucks is basically a points based program. There are various ways to earn points each day, and then when you have enough you can convert the points into paypal or gift cards. There are a lot of different rewards options, but for the most part, we usually convert our points to paypal cash and then go grocery shopping. This is not not one of those programs that takes forever to earn the points either, depending on how much time you are willing to spend on it,  you can accumulate points quite fast, I make around $150 – $200 per month. 

If you live in Australia (like us), you cannot earn as many points as our US friends on a day to day basis. However, I’ve never let that little fact stop me, and you shouldn’t either.

Surveys – There are plenty of surveys you can take advantage of, and they are usually the fastest way to earn big points. Most surveys are around 24 – 200 points.

Videos – You can earn 3 points every 10 videos that you watch, which might sound like a huge amount of time to spend, but they are short, usually 2-5 minute videos. I usually mute the computer and play the videos while I am watching tv at night. I’m still watching tv, and I’m earning points at the same time. and – – If you download these apps to your apple device (phone or ipod) you can earn 36pts per day watching the short videos. (You do already need to have a swagbucks account)

Games – If games are more your thing, Swagbucks also has a variety of games you can play everyday, giving you the opportunity to earn an extra 10pts

2. FLYBUYS – This is not a worldwide program like swagbucks is, and I personally think that flybuys can be a little deceiving, but if you do it right, you can earn some free groceries and not be out of pocket in the process. Basically it’s a rewards points program based purely on your spending habits, I guess that the easiest way to say it. Depending on where you shop, you can earn 1-2 points for every dollar that you spend.

If you rely on shopping alone, those points will take forever to accumulate, unless you have a small army living at your house, and you spend way more than the normal family. So how do you get more points?

Emails – Sign up to receive the Flybuys emails. They send you weekly points boosters each week that you can activate, and earn the points when you go shopping. You can get caught up in the earning points, but just make sure you only buy what you were already going to.

Vouchers – Flybuys send out a vouchers booklet in the mail a few times a year, these are great because you can earn more than the usual amount of points on your grocery shop. 

eShops – Most recently, Flybuys has launched eShops, and you can now earn points shopping online at places like Ebay and Target….which suits me just fine.

In our house….we convert the swagbucks to paypal cash, then we use the cash to purchase our groceries at a store where we will earn Flybuys points. Then when we have accummulated enough Flybuys dollars, we redeem the points for grocery credit on our Flybuys card. Roughly this gives us about $200 FREE groceries every month! Which means for us, unless we go to a takeaway store, or meet someone for coffee…..not a cent of my income is spent on groceries! Not bad huh….

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