How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Kmart?

Kmart is one of the largest Australian based chains selling affordable retail items. Wesfarmers own it (Kmart), and so a lot of their policies have trickled down from other companies owned by the same people. Kmart has over 234 stores across Australia and New Zealand, with 209 stores in Australia, which is why its no wonder that some of the most successful people today, started working here. Plus, the wages are comparatively fair according to some employees.

Kmart is often the employer of choice for many youngsters looking for their first job. The chain also employs many overseas students who work part-time. However, the question is, does Kmart have a minimum age requirement, or will they hire anyone at any age? That’s what we’ve set out to answer in this article.

How Old Does an Individual Need to Be to Find Work in Australia?

Now it is essential to start with understanding what type of age limits Australia has on employment. Obviously, unlike some other countries, Australia is a country that has strict anti-child labour laws which, in other words, means that kids can’t be used for hard labour like working in a factory. The exact definition of “hard labour” also tends to vary slights with each state. However, that’s why laws tend to vary slightly with each state especially defining what work an individual under 18 can be hired to do.

Generally, the minimum age for employment in Australia is 13-years old, but as mentioned above, there are restrictions to the type of work that a person under 15 can do. Generally, an individual under 13 can only be given light duties like office work, retail assistant roles, some gardening or sales roles. Types of employment that are restricted are working on construction sites, door-to-door sales, working in a factory, working as a commercial fisherman at sea, etc.

While the minimum age is set at 13, many employers depending on their industry, will not employ anyone under 15, and some set the age at 18. However, this varies by industry because businesses don’t want to be penalized for employing an underage worker to do something that they shouldn’t.

Different Workplaces Have Different Working Age Requirements

The minimum age requirements will vary a great deal depending on the industry and the laws of the state. All industries are governed by state and federal laws which mandate that kids shouldn’t be given jobs that involve hard labour. Plus, there are jobs that people under 18 may not be qualified to handle, like accounting, for instance. Also, if a job requires that the individual conduct activities that only an adult can like signing contractors or maybe even selling alcohol, then you need to be at least 18 to qualify for them.

It is important to note that workplaces cannot restrict who they employ based on age alone without reason, since age discrimination is contrary to the law too. If there is discrimination, there has to be a legal and logical basis for it which in most cases is part of the employer’s policies.

How Old Should You Be to Get Employed at Kmart?

Now Kmart does not specify an age limit; there is no minimum age on their website or in their policies. We’ve also taken a look at a few of their job ads, and there are no age limits mentioned. However, there are certain roles at Kmart which require the individual to be at least 18 years of age.

When it comes to selling specific types of items like adult content, i.e. music, video games or videos, Kmart will employ people who are at least 18 years of age. The same goes for selling electronics and alcohol because here too nobody under 18 should be dealing with these things, to begin with, in Australia.

Kmart will also not employ anyone under 18 to work at the cash register since it often involves dealing with finances. Our assessment is that if you are looking for a job at Kmart, you need to be at least 16 years of age for most jobs. However, if you are younger and are interested in applying for a specific job that does not have any apparent age restrictions, then call up the company and find out if they will hire your child. Many job ads posted by Kmart online give the impression that anyone can apply because it is assumed that the job is self-explanatory, but sometimes you might need to call them up.

Kmart Has very Standard Age Restrictions

Kmart, like many if not most other retail chains in Australia, will hire people who are qualified and meet the mandated age requirement. However, that age requirement is often the same for the same positions in other chains. For instance, Kmart will not employ a 15-year old to work at the alcohol aisle, but the same goes for other similar retail chains because they have to adhere to the same rules.

Have You Been Declined Employment at Kmart?

Kmart does often deny some people based on their age. If someone is younger than 18 and is applying for a position that requires an older person, they will be declined. However, as an applicant, you should ask Kmart for the basis of them refusing to employ you. That will not only help you determine where to apply next but also what types of jobs will work best for someone your age.

If you have been declined a job at Kmart for being too young, let us know. We would like to hear your story.

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