Best Bouncy Castle Hire in Perth

Finding a bouncy castle hire in Perth isn’t difficult; in fact, there are more companies than we care to count. However, out of the dozens of companies offering various types of bouncy castles for hire, which one is the best for you? More importantly, which bouncy castle hire company offers the best bang for your fun dollars?

In this article, we’ll go through five of the best bouncy castle companies in the city and examine why we think they are the best. If anything, you should start your search for a bouncy castle hire right here by calling up and sending these companies an email, especially if you are interested in hiring more than one because some companies will offer a discount if you’re hiring multiple items.

Swan Valley Castle Hire in Perth


Swan Valley Castle Hire is a Perth-based bouncy castle hire, which has one of the widest selections of bouncy castles in the city. Whether you need to hire a castle for teens, toddlers, or adults, there is an excellent chance that they have just the thing for you.

In addition to various sizes, they also have castles for various themes from Frozen to Minions and everything else in between. In addition to bouncy castles, the company also has tables, chairs, sumo suits, and loads of other stuff for hire. Most of all, the company also has budget-friendly options, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun.

Swan Valley Castle Hire runs specials every now and then, which helps people save money. All you have to do is check the ‘specials’ page.

​Monster Ball


Regardless of your event’s size, Mosterball has you covered with it’s so-called “best-in-class” products. The company claims to be the premier inflatable, bouncy castle and amusement hire service in Perth. However, after going through their website and speaking to them over the phone, we concluded that they have around 80 bouncy castles and various other types of inflatables in their inventory. That’s why whether you want a large, small, or a unique-looking bouncy castle, these people probably have it.

The company also has inflatables for young adults and adults alike. Plus, there are inflatable characters from famous Nickelodeon, Disney, and Looney Tunes, amongst others. That’s why regardless of the size or type of event you’re planning, it is worth checking out what Mosterball has on offer.

Castles WA


Castles WA is one of the inflatable, bouncy castle hire industry’s leaders and happens to be pretty popular amongst people in Perth. As a family-owned business, the company has an intimate understanding of what kids and parents want, which is why just about everything you see listed on their website is specific to a particular type of party theme.

We found the prices to be highly competitive for many of their bouncy castles. Plus, customer service is top-notch, with our phone call to check things out answered within minutes.

While the company boasts of a large inventory, it is comparatively small. So, you might want first to take a look at what they have on the site before choosing to perhaps get a quote for your bulk order.

Xtreme Bounce Party Hire


It is a locally owned and operated family business based in Perth and Rockingham, WA. Xtreme Bounce Party Hire is best known for their laundry list of bouncy castle hires, sports interactive inflatables, combo units, mechanical bucking bulls, kids go karts and sumo suits, amongst others. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say that they have the largest selection of party hires in the city. That means you should be able to find just about everything you need to get the party started.

All inflatable bouncy castles come with a qualified supervisor. Plus, the company has Public Liability Insurance that covers all Xtreme Bounce Party Hire’s equipment. The staff is trained, and their equipment is up to date, adhering to Worksafe Regulations and Specifications while being Workspace approved. So, as a parent, you can be assured that your children are safe at all times.

In terms of pricing, Xtreme Bounce Party Hire is competitive. However, some of their more unique party hires are more expensive, but that’s to be expected. It is worth checking out what the company has on its website. Speaking of which, you can also hire everything directly online.

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire


Perth Bouncy Castle Hire has been operating in the city for over six years, delivering fun and entertainment to hundreds of homes. The company has many successful events to their name and guarantees home and business owners tasked with planning a party a “stress-free experience.”

Perth Bouncy Castle Hire has over a hundred various amusements, and entertainment types to choose from and ensures that everything ordered is delivered to your doorstep. The company continues to add new bouncy castles and games to their inventory, so there is always something new available.

If you are planning a party for your kids or some other type of event which requires various types of bounce houses and other inflatables, make sure to book in advance. The company offers some pretty competitive rates, which is why they have become the go-to source for people who want budget-friendly bounce houses.

Be sure to also check out our list of bouncy castle hire in Adelaide.

Bouncy castle hires in Perth are too many to count. Many have been around for a while; others are relatively new. However, when hiring a bounce house, the important thing is to make sure that the company is manned by a team of professionals who are willing to answer your questions and go that proverbial extra mile to make your party entertaining.

You will also want to get quotes from multiple companies if you are hiring multiple items. Often companies will offer a discount if you hire more than a certain number of bounce houses or inflatables. That’s why sometimes it is worth calling up the company and speaking to someone to see if you can get better rates.

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