4 simple meals you can make on your cooktop

I don’t know how you feel at the end of a long day, but generally, I’m tired and the last thing I actually want to do when I get home is get into the kitchen and whip up an awesome meal….I’d like to eat an awesome meal, but I don’t want to have to be the poor sucker standing in the kitchen cooking it. I’d rather be relaxing along with the family. I know you’re right there with me on this. 

Weekends I’m more than happy to pre-heat the oven and get busy, but during the week I just want to get it done as fast as I can and get out of there. We can’t eat eggs on toast every night, so that’s why usually during the week I use the cooktop for preparing all our meals. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to provide our little family with a fast but healthy meal.

If you’re starved for a little cooktop inspiration, here are four meals you can cook on a cooktop.

Soup, glorious soup

When I was a kid, my parents both worked full-time jobs, so soups and stews were a weekday regular. They are relatively easy to concoct, as well as being a delicious and nutrious meal for your family. 

With some basics at hand including stock, vegetables and meat, soup can be one of the fastest ways to enjoy a delicious host of nutrients courtesy of the cooktop. Whether you choose to use a pressure cooker for more intense flavours or whip up a quick vegetable and chicken soup, the cooktop is the go-to item for soups that will send sumptuous aromas throughout your home.

A great cooktop with consistent heat is the key to soups that need some extra simmering, and while gas is great for firing up instant heat, modern induction cooktops are also quick and consistent. Appliance experts ASKO have some great induction cookware available.

Simply Seared
Whether you use a skillet or standard pan, few things are as simple as searing a succulent cut of meat such as eye fillet or lamb cutlets on the cooktop. Well seasoned meats complete with a sauce and salad, potato mash and steamed veggies…close your eyes and think about it for a moment, your mouth is watering right? What about a nice fresh peice of fish with fried potato slices, guacamole and a quick tomato, cucumber and onion salsa. Just another little something that you can cook up in not time, that’s delicious and healthy for your family.

Pasta Perfetta
It’s quick, simple and always a hit in our family. Pasta is one of our favourite “go to” dishes for stovetop cooking. From simple pasta dishes comprising a few ingredients that are quickly warmed in a pan to the more complex and hearty flavours of a Bolognese or the rich indulgence of al fredo, pasta is an easy-to-cook crowd pleaser.  

Cultural Infusion
Fron stir-fry to curry, some of the tastiest morsels of Asian and Indian cuisine are created easily on the cooktop. For some quick, healthy and oh-so-tasty meals, throw together a stir-fry, or embrace the sweet sour and salty flavours of Thailand with a laksa or homemade prawn dumplings in a coconut milk broth.
For a little Indian, infuse the intense flavours in a slow simmering curry or speed things up using your pressure cooker.

The cooktop is one of the most versatile cooking appliances in the kitchen. Using direct heat that allows boiling, searing, frying and simmering, it’s the go-to kitchen appliance for meals that can be cooked quickly and simply and for more complex meals that require lengthy periods of flavor infusion. Whatever style of cooktop cooking you choose to embrace, grabbing some quality cookware and applying a little heat is a great way to prepare healthy and tasty meals for your family.

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