17 Things You’ll Need for Your Next Rainbow Themed Birthday Party

If you want to make your kid’s special day even more remarkable, there’s no better way than to throw a rainbow themed birthday party. After all, nothing screams happiness and fun than seeing a colorful and vibrant rainbow. Not only does this multi-colored arc elicit a sense of delight, but it also sprinkles a splash of color to an otherwise gray day. 

If you’re thinking of throwing a rainbow-themed birthday for your little one, then we’ve got a few must-have party supplies to make it bright and colorful.  

1. Rainbow party invitation

Before anything else, your guests need to know the date, time, place, and other details about your party. Surprise your friends and loved ones by sending them a fun invitation with a rainbow inside. You can find several customizable rainbow party printables or make your personalized invitation.

2. Rainbow table runner

Table runners are a great way to spice things up your tabletop and pull a party theme together. With a cute rainbow table runner, your table setting will have an extra color to make things more lively.

3. Neon rainbow large plates set

Did you know that some colors like red, yellow, and orange can increase people’s appetites? If you want your guests to enjoy the celebration and the food, use plates with colors like this neon rainbow large plate set.

4. Rainbow shape napkins

Celebrate your Birthday party with style with these adorable and unique rainbow-shaped napkins. Not only are they meant to wipe food and drinks from your mouth, but they can also act as a table decoration.  

5. Striped cutlery set

Match your colorful paper plates with a fantastic striped cutlery set. These plastic forks, spoons, and knives will save you time and money without sacrificing your rainbow theme.

6. Cherry red cups

If you’ve ever attended a college party or an office party, you’re probably familiar with this American Icon. No party, whether it’s Christmas or Birthday, is complete without these red cups. Aside from drinking lemonade, you can also use these plastic cups to play Stack It, Catch the Ball, and other party games for kids and adults.

7. Colorful ice cream cups

If you’re planning on serving ice cream for your next Birthday party, some colorful ice cream cups will be a fun replacement for those wafer cones. These fun paper bowls feature cute and colorful designs to liven up your party.

8. Rainbow reusable straws

Add a splash of color and some sustainability to your dining ware with these reusable rainbow straws. Your next Birthday party can now be fun and environment-friendly!

9. Multi neon twisted candles

Blowing out the candles and making a wish is one of the most important parts of the whole Birthday cake affair. Let’s brighten up your special day with these multi neon twisted candles. Their gorgeous design and colors will look beautiful on your Birthday cake or cupcakes.

10. Rainbow acrylic cake topper

Aside from those colorful candles, you can also level up your Birthday cake with a cake topper. Whether you plan on buying a multi- or single-tiered cake, this rainbow acrylic cake topper will make it look fantastic.

11. Red candy bowl

For sweet-toothed celebrants and guests, serving a few of your favorite candies will make a Birthday party more exciting. Set up your treats buffet with elegantly arranged jars and red candy bowls for a sweet time.  

12. Yellow jar

Add these yellow jars to your candy buffet for a pop of bright color. It’s the perfect container for those lollipops, licorice, and even cake poppers.

13. Rainbow striped treat cups

Your guests would also need a little container to hold the desserts they selected. Provide them with rainbow-striped treat cups to fill it up with their favorite candies.

14. Orange melamine tray

Bring a pop of color to your table with this refreshing and fun orange melamine tray. You can use it to bring drinks for your guests or as a container for sandwiches, cupcakes, and even your cutlery set.  

15.  Multicolor lanterns

The room will look bare without some cool hanging decorations. Spice up your birthday venue with a few multicolor lanterns.

16. Rainbow Happy Birthday banner

Of course, your celebration wouldn’t be complete without the classic Happy Birthday banner! This décor will make your special day even more festive.

17. Multicolor balloons

Elevate your next Birthday party with various kinds of balloons. From bright and solid colors to fun character designs, these fun rainbow floatables are perfect for setting the scene.

If you’re planning on hosting a rainbow-themed birthday party, add these party supplies to your to-buy list for a fun-filled and colorful event. Be creative and combine different colors to make your day extra vibrant.

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